How Do I Add A Photo Within A Message Box

roanimare(z9)January 1, 2013

The instructions below will show you how to add a photo within any message box on GardenWeb and on our forum, Gardening In Arizona.

Adding A Photo Within A Message Box

» You first need to upload your photos to the Internet using your own personal website or using a free/paying photo storage site. Several sites are Shutterfly and Webshots. There are many image hosting sites on the web. Follow the uploading instructions provided for the particular image hosting website. Some services do not allow displaying images stored on their site on other pages (like GardenWeb posts), some charge an annual fee, and most limit the amount of images stored, so be sure you choose a service that fits your needs. Image hosting sites mentioned are examples of possible options, and not endorsed or recommended by GardenWeb.

» Make sure your files end with .jpg or .gif. Try not to make your photos really large. 500 pixels x 500 pixels or 4" x 4" is a good size.

» Next, type within your message the HTML below replacing "file location and photo name" with your photo URL address.

<img src=“ file location and photo name”>

» Next, go to Review Message and see if your photo shows up. If not - it may be a typo or you left off some quotes. You can copy and paste photo URL address so you don't mistype. You can get the photo URLs from a photo by Right-Clicking on the image and selecting Properties to show the image address. Select the entire URL (including the second line if necessary), then select Ctrl C to copy it to the Windows clipboard for the moment. Cancel the properties window. Switch back to the message form and "Ctrl V" to paste the URL into your message box.

» Now Review Message again and see if your photo shows. If so -- submit the message.

Adding a photo using the Link method.

» If you are posting a NEW post, the link will be on the Review Message page. After you type in your message, click Review Message and scroll down. You will see a place to add a link. Copy and paste any link from the Internet or photo URL address into the top space. Then type in the Name of the link below it. If you are replying to an existing message the link box will be below the message box on the same page -- then just follow the instructions above to add a link.

» Hit Review Message and make sure the link shows. You can also check the link to see it it works, then use the BACK key to get back to your post -- if its okay -- hit submit message.

Hope these instructions are helpful. Please try them and if you still have problems, let us know on the forum. Have fun!

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