Shade loving plants for AZ gardeners

birdlady_in_mesa(z9 AZ)January 1, 2013

The following suggestions for plants that do well in the shade here in Arizona was compiled by AZTREELVR, RoSe2U and several other members of our forum.

Sweet pea, Trumpet honeysuckle, Ornamental onion, Allium, Begonia, and Nasturtium, Ruellia Aloe Vera, hearts & flowers.

Plants for Shade

Agave desmetiana Agave geminiflora - Twin-flowered agave Agave parryi - Parrys agave Agave vilmoriniana - Octopus agave Aloe barbadensis - Aloe ferox - Tree aloe Aloe variegata - Partridge breast aloe Aloe vera Aloe saponaria Aloe striata - Coral aloe Aqueligia chrysantha - Golden yellow columbine - Bulbine frutescens - Bulbine Calylophus hartwegii - Calylophus Cissus trifoliata - Arizona grape ivy Cuphea llavea - Bat-faced Cuphea Cycas revoluta - Sago palm Duranta - Sky flower Dasylirion longissimum - Eupatorium greggii - Mist flower Gaura lindheimeri - Gaura Harrisia bonblandii - Night blooming cereus Justicia brandegeana - Shrimp plant Justicia spicigera - Mexican Honeysuckle Justicia sonorae - Sonoran honeysuckle Lobelia laxiflora - Loose flowered lobelia Mimulus cardinalis - Monkey flower Muhlenbergia capillaris - Regal Mist Muhlenbergia lindheimeir - Autumn Glow Muhlenbergia rigens - Deer grass Oenothera stubbei - Yellow evening primrose Oenothera caespitosa - Tufted evening primrose Penstemon spp. - Penstemon Phlomis fruticosa - Jerusalem sage Plumbago scandens - White plumbago Poliomintha madrensis - Mexican rosemary mint Ruellia brittoniana 'Katie'- Katie ruellia Salvia coccinea - Cherry Red Sage Salvia leucantha - Mexican bush sage Tagetes lucida - Licorice marigold Zauschneria californica v. latifolia - Hummingbird bush Zephranthes grandiflora - Pink rain lily Zephranthes sulphurea - Yellow rain lily Zephyranthes candida - White rain lily


4 o'clocks

How about ferns? I have a shade garden with boston, lady (I think it's called that) and rabbit's foot ferns. I also have different types of mint (contained) mixed in for contrast.

Columbine does very well in shady areas. The yellows are the strongest and will grow quite large. They go semi-dormant in the winter, then come back year after year. Alpine geranium (small mounding geranium that doesn't look like other geraniums) has lovely tiny pink flowers and thrives in shade and dappled light. Scented geraniums also do very well in shady areas and give you the added benefit of lovely scent when watered. The fancy 'sweet potato potato' vines you can buy at the nursery in a variety of colors and leaf shapes also does quite well in shade.

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