What is bonsai and how do I care for one?

gwtamaraJanuary 1, 2013

> Bonsai is pronounced bone-sigh, not banzai.

> Bonsai is not a special kind of tree, it is a method for training trees. Any tree can be trained as a bonsai. Bonsai literally means tree in a pot.

> Before any advice can be given about a tree you must identify it; (what kind of tree is it?) There are literally thousands of trees that can be made into bonsai, and they are all treated differently. If you are unsure try describing it on the Forum. Go to your local library and check out a good bonsai book or two.

> Location is important. Advice can only be accurate if the location of your home is provided: state, province, country and/or growing zone if you know it.

> Where the tree will be grown. Is the tree growing indoors or outdoors? Is it in the sun, a window, the shade or on a table in the library? Do you have supplementary lights if its indoors?

> From where did the tree come? What kind of store? A nursery, discount department store, shop in a mall, mail order?

> Describe the pot: Does it have drainage hole(s) in the bottom? Are there rocks glued to the surface of the soil? Is the tree growing, do you see new, fresh growth?

> The answers to these questions will speed up replys from the members of the forum.

This group has participants from all over the world. Some have been growing bonsai for a very long time. Someone out there will have the information you seek about the plant you have.

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