How do I put Tillandsias on wood?

madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)January 1, 2013

Several methods will work. Adhesives that do the job include Marine Goop(tm) and Liquid Nails(tm). Some people use a hot glue gun but be aware of the possibility of burning the plant. Other people use wire; you can use aluminum or steel wire, but never copper wire. Plastic coated wire such as bell wire is also fine. You can very small amount of sphagnum moss on the glue to hide it, but a large amount of spahgnum will stay wet and encourage rot.

Cork bark is great for mounting Tillandsias, as is grapevine. Freshwater driftwood from unpolluted water is OK but ocean driftwood is not!! Trees with a rough surface such as live oak, baldcypress, and bottlebrush are good; trees with flaking bark are not.

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