How can I post an image or picture to the forum?

larry_geneJanuary 1, 2013

Posting images to the forum: The simplest current method seems to be on the Photobucket website. Unless you know about image URLs and the HTML and tags, try and use the various Web image storing site explanations.

Image posting etiquette:

Images that are larger that 100kb (right-click your image and select "properties" to find size info) will make other forum members impatient waiting for the full image to appear on their computer--especially if they have a dial-up connection to the Internet, as this is somewhat slow.

If you know how to re-size your image to make it smaller before posting it, please do so.

Since most posted images are of general interest to the forum, occasional hot-linking of photos, even largish ones, is OK. This forum has a photo gallery section--consider using it to post larger photos and then refer to that image in your text message in the regular forum. There is a set of image posting instructions in the forum Gallery section.

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