Butterfly Common Name to Scientific Name Look-Up List

larry_geneJanuary 1, 2013

Common Species Name__Scientific Species Name__Common Family__Common Subfamily__Scientific Family__Scientific Subfamily Aaron's Skipper__Poanes aaroni __Skippers__Grass Skippers__Hesperiidae__Hesperiinae Acacia Skipper__Cogia hippalus __ Skippers__ Spread-wing Skippers__ Hesperiidae__ Pyrginae Acadian Hairstreak__Satyrium acadica __ Gossamer-wing__ Hairstreaks__ Lycaenidae__ Theclinae Acmon Blue__Plebejus acmon __ Gossamer-wing__ Blues__ Lycaenidae__ Polyommatinae Afranius Duskywing__ Erynnis afranius __ Skippers__ Spread-wing Skippers__ Hesperiidae__ Pyrginae Alberta Arctic__ Oeneis alberta__ Brush-footed__ Satyrs__ Nymphalidae__ Satyrinae Alberta Fritillary__ Boloria alberta __ Brush-footed__ Fritillaries and Longwings__ Nymphalidae__ Heliconiinae Alderman__Vanessa atalanta__Brush-footed__True Brush-foots__Nymphalidae__Nymphalinae Alfalfa Butterfly__Colias eurytheme__Whites and Sulphurs__Sulphurs__Pieridae__Coliadinae Alkali Skipper__ Pseudocopaeodes eunus__ Skippers__ Grass Skippers__ Hesperiidae__ Hesperiinae Alpine Checkered Skipper__Pyrgus centaureae__Skippers__Spread-wing Skippers__Hesperiidae__Pyrginae Alpine Green Hairstreak__ Callophrys sheridanii lemberti__ Gossamer-wing__ Hairstreaks__ Lycaenidae__ Theclinae American Copper__Lycaena phlaeas __ Gossamer-wing__ Coppers__ Lycaenidae__ Lycaeninae American Lady__ Vanessa virginiensis __ Brush-footed__ True Brush-foots__ Nymphalidae__ Nymphalinae American Snout__ Libytheana carinenta__ Brush-footed__ Snouts__ Nymphalidae__ Libytheinae Amethyst Hairstreak__ Chlorostrymon maesites __ Gossamer-wing__ Hairstreaks__ Lycaenidae__ Theclinae Amymone__Mestra amymone__Brush-footed__Admirals and Relatives__Nymphalidae__Limenitidinae Androgeus Swallowtail__ Papilio androgeus __ Swallowtails__ Swallowtails__ Papilionidae__ Papilioninae Angled Leafwing__ Anaea glycerium __ Brush-footed__ Leafwings__ Nymphalidae__ Charaxinae Anicia Checkerspot__ Euphydryas chalcedona anicia __ Brush-footed__ True Brush-foots__ Nymphalidae__ Nymphalinae Anise Swallowtail__ Papilio zelicaon __ Swallowtails__ Swallowtails__ Papilionidae__ Papilioninae Antillean Daggerwing__ Marpesia eleuchea __ Brush-footed__ Admirals and Relatives__ Nymphalidae__ Limenitidinae Apache Skipper__ Hesperia woodgatei __ Skippers__ Grass Skippers__ Hesperiidae__ Hesperiinae Aphrodite Fritillary__ Speyeris aphrodite __ Brush-footed__ Fritillaries and Longwings__ Nymphalidae__ Heliconiinae Appalachian Azure__ Celastrina neglectamajor __ Gossamer-wing__ Blues__ Lycaenidae__ Polyommatinae Appalachian Brown__ Satyrodes appalachia __ Brush-footed__ Satyrs__ Nymphalidae__ Satyrinae Apricot Sulphur__ Phoebis argante __ Whites and Sulphurs__ Sulphurs__ Pieridae__ Coliadinae Aquamarine Hairstreak__ Oenomaus ortygnus __ Gossamer-wing__ Hairstreaks__ Lycaenidae__ Theclinae Arachne Checkerspot__ Poladryas arachne __ Brush-footed__ True Brush-foots__ Nymphalidae__ Nymphalinae Araxes Skipper__Pyrrhopyge...

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