Where Can I Find Quality Seeds?

Violet_Z6(6a)January 1, 2013

1) The best source you'll get for quality seeds for your area is a local vegetable gardener who grows out and saves seeds from year to year. You can be confident these seeds have acclimated to your climate and that they'll be hardy. Ask your friends, neighbors, family, colleagues, etc if they know of any gardeners in the area. If you have perennials that need dividing, offer to trade for some seeds.

2) You can also use the GardenWeb Seed Exchange to find local seeds by posting a request. You can also Search Members Exchange Lists.

3) You can go to The Garden Watchdog and search garden companies by state and/or by what they sell via the drop down menu, such as "Seeds:Vegetables". They are rated by customers.

4) Many forums such as this Vegetable Forum have an area for "Exchanges". You may make requests there as well as at the Seed Exchange Forum mentioned above.

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