What do all those abbreviations stand for?

Gardengail(7a)January 1, 2013

Bloom Characteristics

- sp or spid = spider

- spv = spider variant

- th = throat

- fr or frag = fragrant

- vfr = very fragrant

- wm = watermark

- dbl = double

- uf = unusual form

-ext = extended (blooms over 16 hours)

-noc = nocturnal/night blooming

Plant Habit

- dor = dormant: foliage dies back to the ground

- ev = evergreen: foliage remains partially or completely green

- sev = semi-evergreen some signs of green may be visible in cold weather


- D or Dip= Diploid (has 22 chromosomes)

- T or Tet= Tetraploid (has 44 chromosomes)

-re = Rebloom

-hyb = Hybridizing, hybridizer, hybridized

S or SF = single fan

D or DF = double fan


- ee = extra early

- e = early

- em = early midseason

- m = midseason

- ml = late midseason

- l = late

- vl = very late EMO = early morning opener

FFO = first flower opening

CV = cultivar

bc = bud count

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