Seed Exchange FAQ Outline 10-2010

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)January 1, 2013


1--Special Instructions for the Seed Exchange --make them a LOT friendlier than the existing ones are, if OK with GW.

2-Getting set up and started

A--setting up your GW profile and email settings

B--setting up your Trade Page-Post the date it was updated at the TOP of the page

--note seed source if other than your garden Commercial (C)-Garden (G) received in Trade (T) --note year harvested, received in trade or purchased, if it is known.

C-Member Page Blurb-share a bit about yourself or your gardening style and/or challenges. Even if you are a very private person, possibly you could at least share with us what you enjoy growing.

3--Nothing to trade? Join in the fun by responding to Seeds for Postage âoffersâ --Everything you ever wanted to know about seeds for postage offers --Members with excess seeds to share

4--Can I trade seeds I have gathered from my garden, ie flowers, vegetables, shrubs, trees, etc? What about saving seeds from Hybrid plants?

--and also refer them to the Saving Seed Forum, and/or the FAQ there.

5--How should I label my seed packets?

Both common and botanical names if known Year of harvest or purchase or received in trade Your GW Member Name, in case there are any questions Additionally growing instructions are nice but not required. Itâs also nice to note if the seeds are annuals or perennials if known.

(This is just FYI - My seed packets contain the following information plant name, annual/perennial/biennial, USDA Zone, Number of seeds, Light, Soil, Height, (bloom time and color if there is room), my screen name and the year of harvest. )

6--How many seeds are considered a fair trade?

How many seeds are considered a 'fair' trade?

A fair trade is whatever you and the other trader agree to. Generally, two to three dozen seeds should be enough to ensure germination and growth of a satisfying number of plants. However, the most certain way to assure both parties will be satisfied is to discuss quantities when negotiating the trade.


7--Can I trade last years seeds or seeds older than that?

(Some seeds must be fresh to be viable while some can be decades old and still be viable. If you are trading for seeds that do not remain viable for long discuss their freshness with the other person when you negotiate the trade. )

8--Posting a trade --checking R and R

9--How do I pack my seeds for trading and then protecting them when mailing them?

--What should I include?

10--Where do I buy bubble envelopes, and what size should I buy? Are they then reusable? Do I 'have' to buy and use bubble envelopes? Can I just use bubble wrap in a regular envelope?

List numerous places where bubble envelopes envies can be bought and suggest more

11-postage costs...sigh

12-Once your trade is complete-The Rate and Review Forum --Please leave a review

13-- I have questions and don't see the answers anywhere. Who or where can I ask?

Suggest using the...

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