What are the names of some fragrant plants that I can grow as housepl

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JimShy compiled the following information and accompanying list dealing with houseplants that are fragrant.

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Fragrant Houseplants:

First, the FAQ inside the FAQ!

1. Fragrance is not a science what smells fantastic to one person smells awful to another, or has no smell at all. This is partly genetic, partly personal, and wholly olfactory (sorry, couldnt resist the Batman-style rhyme!), so there is simply no substitute for smelling the plant yourself. Dont take our word for it, or anyone elses, go with your own nose!

2. A lot of other factors go into the scent of a plant: whether its getting enough sun/fertilizer/water, the time of day, the age of the plant, etc. The exact same species can smell different from one individual plant to another. Some folks also think that moon phases, astrological alignments, sunspots, El Nino, Superthrive, eggshells, their grandmothers tea, and the interest rate on 30 year Treasury bonds also play a role. The point is, if something seems to work for you, keep at it!

3. This list is not exhaustive, and will be added to from time to time.

4. There are plenty of scented plants that are not normally considered houseplants, which obsessed, er, dedicated growers are nevertheless trying to grow indoors. This list is mainly those plants that are known to be fairly good growers in the home. I also left out most, if not all, flowering bulbs that are usually purchased in bloom and thrown out when done. Fragrant bulb FAQ, anyone?

5. Plants smell their best when they are grown their best; take the time to learn the right care for your plant, and how it grows best in your home.

Ok, enough already, on to the list! Plants are listed by scientific name, followed by common name in parentheses.

Key: es = evening scented (after dark) ns = night scented (only late at night)

Acacia baileyana, dealbata, farnesina, longifolia

Aglaia odorata (Chinese perfume plant)

Allamanda cathartica, schotii (neriifolia) are mostly es

Alpinia: many of these have ginger-scented leaves and rhizomes

Araujia sericofera (Cruel plant)

Aristolochia (Dutchmans Pipe): gigantea some other aristolochias are scented, but not in a good way!

Begonias: some hybrids are lightly fragrant Honeysuckle, Jim Wyrtzen, Lenore Olivier, Tea Rose, at least two species, solananthera and venosa, are more strongly scented

Bouvardia longflora (Fragrant bouvardia)

Brugmansias (Angels trumpets): most are fragrant (es), except for sanguinea and some of its hybrids

Brunfelsias: americana, jamaicensis and isola are es, others are day-scented

Buddleja: most are scented, b. asiatica blooms in winter indoors

Bursera: fagaroides, macrophylla, simaruba all have scented leaves and wood

Callistemon citrinus (Bottlebrush): scented leaves

Carissa macrocarpa

Cassia didimobotrya: leaves smell like buttered popcorn!

Cedronella canariensis (false...

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