Pests and Diseases.

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Pests: Common to fuchsia are Whitefly, Greenfly, Redspider Mite, Capsid Bugs, and Vineweevil (Fuchsia Gall Mite which exist in warmer climates have already been answered on a separate page in FAQ).

Alot of the above can be irradicated with regular spraying of insecticide - follow manufacturers instructions. If you do not like using insecticide - spray with a 'soft-soap' solution (not detergent).

Vineweevil. The adults make notches in the fuchsia leaves. Go out after dark with a torch (they are nocturnal), pick them off and stamp on them. The larvae does more damage especially to young plants. They survive on eating the young white roots of your plants. Prevention: treat with diluted Armillatox or with nematodes.

If you have a greenhouse make sure it is absolutely clean in the Autumn before placing your plants in to overwinter. Remove all plants before carrying out this procedure. Best is buy a sulphur candle, light it to burn overnight. Next morning open door, do not go in yourself until the end of the day. Greenhouse will be rid of any pests.

Diseases:- Botrytis: a fungus caused mostly by insufficient air-circulation and over-watering, especially in the winter months. Always remove any dead leaves etc. which may be laying on the soil of your pots. General cleanliness and good ventilation helps to prevent Botrytis.

Fuchsia Rust:

Pale yellowish spots appear on the surface of the leaves, the undersurface will reveal orange postules. Pick off all affected leaves, and leaves which have fallen on to the soil. Destroy. Spray with a fungicide.

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