Ginger and vitamin B6 for nausea and motion sickness

gwtamaraJanuary 1, 2013

Treating the symptoms of nausea

Herbs: Ginger, peppermint, and anise are antispasmodic and can be used in tea or chewed raw. Chewing itself has a beneficial effect on nausea. Always use fresh ginger, as the dried ginger has lost its potency.
Do not take candied ginger, as the sugar destroys B vitamins and thereby increases the nausea. If nervousness is a problem, catnip and other calming herbs can help, but they are also cause tiredness.

Black Horehound (Balotta niger) but no indication of method of application.

Magnets, but again no indication of method.

Homeopathic remedy: nux vomica

There is an acupressure point for nausea in your wrist. Feel in the middle of the inside of your wrist, about two finger widths down from the heel of your thumb. You should feel a small indentation. A bracelet for nausea is available. It is and elastic bands with a small plastic bubble is available. The bubble is placed on the acupressure point. You can make the bracelet by sewing a rounded button onto an elastic band.

Avoiding travel sickness

Avoid looking out the side of a moving vehicle. The rotating landscape increases the likelihood of nausea by causing dizziness. If you are travelling in a car or bus, try to get a front seat so you can look straight ahead. In a train, where you can only look out the side, focus on the horizon to avoid the visual rotation. In a boat, stay on deck and focus on the horizon.

A single ear plug is supposed to work well, but the person who posted the hint did not remember whether it is supposed to go in the ear on the dominant side or in the other one.

Treating the cause of nausea

A vitamin B6 deficiency is usually the underlying cause of repeated bouts of nausea. The deficiency is also seen in the occurrence of cold sores and warts and bushy eyebrows. The vitamin is available in 250 mg and 100 mg. If the deficiency is pronounced enough to cause nausea, a vitamin B compound will not be sufficient.

This vitamin is found in dark vegetables, green and red. It is destroyed by light. That is why you should never store or cook anything under glass lids or in transparent pots. And you should avoid produce which has been displayed under lights, expecially fluorescent lights.

Besides taking B6 supplements and eating plenty of raw dark veggies, one of the best protections against travel sickness and nausea is the chewing of raw herbs like parsley, lots of it.

Raw garlic helps greatly, but you have to take it regularly as a preventive measure. Do not take it when you feel the nausea.

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