Microwave Heat Packs or Freezer Cold Packs

gwtamaraJanuary 1, 2013

Use of Heat Pack

For back pain, for neck pain, for eye strain, for relaxation. Be sure to heat the pack only for a short time, less than a minute depending on the size, just long enough to warm up but not long enough to cook the contents. The herbal contents will lose its effectiveness in a few months, in less than that, if used frequently. If the smell is gone and you don't want to make a new pack, you can dab on essential oils (aromatherapy).

Use of Cold Pack

For inflammation. Keep in freezer.

Base Content

  • Rice and lavender
  • Buckwheat husks
  • Linseed (=flax seed) for cold packs only, because oil gets rancid when heated
  • Popping corn
  • Other grains
  • Peas or beans
  • Cherry pits

Herbal Content

  • Lavender for relaxation
  • Catnip to help you sleep
  • Peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus for congestion
  • Garlic for severe congestion, best to be used at room temperature
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