Including photos and thumbnails in your posts

caliloo(z6/7)January 1, 2013


Open a free account on After you get that set up you can download your digital pictures to photobucket and to the forum from there. After you download your first picture you will see 3 lines of html underneath it. If you copy the second line, the TAG line, you can then paste that line into your forum message. Press the preview message on the forum page and you should see exactly what your message with picture will look like. I usually open two internet browsers to do this, one is open to the garden web forums where I want to submit a message and the second one is open to and I have my album open so I can download my new picture and copy the tag line.

1. open free photobucket account

  1. download picture and copy TAG line
  2. paste the TAG line into the message you want on the forums - and it's easier to do this if you have two browsers open so that you don't have to keep going back and forth from GW to PB, especially if youre putting in more than one picture.

*********************************************************** If you would like to post your photo as a "clickable Thumbnail" .........

Put your photo on Photobucket. WHen it is there, click the little box next to the photoname.jpeg.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the large tab to the bottom right that says

Generate HTML and IMG Codes

You then have a choice of 4 boxes of code. Copy ALL the code from the first box (Thumbnails for ebay, myspace, etc) to the body of your message that you are posting.

Then finish your message and click the preview button. If everything looks good then submit.

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