Ultimate 100 Hosta as of Dec 2005

caliloo(z6/7)January 1, 2013

This is a list compiled by Shade Tolerant from the forum members contributions of the Ultimate 100 Hostas. There are all price ranges, sizes, colors, etc. But this is "The List" as of December 2005.


Ultimate 100 Hosta List

Abba Dabba Do--(Scootersbear) Alex Summers --(Papou) Allegan Fog --(Whirlwind) American Masterpiece --(NeverEnough) Antioch --(Intrepidgardener) Aphrodite --(HostaRed) Aristocrat --(KymmieAnn) August Moon --(Katsu)

Black Hills --(Murial) Blue Angel --(Fenceberry) Blue Jay --(Fenceberry) Blue Mammoth --(Katsu) Blue Mouse Ears --(TheCan) Bold Ruffles --(Lavendargrrl) Bright Lights --(GoldfinchTN)

Cadillac --(Sweet39) Canadian Shield --(Papou) Carnival --(Penhalion) Chinese Sunrise --(Poppi) Clifford's Comet --(Playinmud) Clifford's Forest Fire --(Limace)

Dream Weaver --(Tsbccowboy)

El Nino --(Lavendargrrl)

First Frost --(Mary52) Fortunei Aureomarginata --(Hostasandharleys) Fragrant Bouquet --(Teresa) Frances Williams --(NewHostaAddict)

Galaxy --(Scootersbear) Gin and Tonic --(Shade_tolerant) Gold Regal --(Esox48) Gold Standard --(Paws4pets) Golden Tiara --(GoldfinchTN) Grand Marquee --(Jel48) Great Expectations --(NeverEnough) Guacamole --(Lavendargrrl)

Halcyon --(Lavendargrrl) Hidden Cove --(HostaRed)

Inniswood --(Brshafer)

Jimmy Crack Corn --(Rfgpitt) June --(Walnutgrove)

Korean Snow --(Highjack) Krossa Regal --(KatailS)

Lake Superior --(Chevy57red) Lakeside Black Satin --(PTMAX) Lakeside Looking Glass --(Katsu) Lakeside Mom --(MaryAnn) lancifolia --(Chocolateis2b8) Leading Lady --(Poppi) Liberty --(Hostarox) Little Sunspot --(Sweet39) Love Pat --(Linda P)

Made You Look --(Cindy528) Maui Buttercups --(Poppi) Metallica --(Paws4pets) Mike Shadrack --(Chevy57red) montana Aureomarginata --(Yard Mom)

Niagara Falls --(Shade_tolerant) Night Before Christmas --(Scootersbear) Northern Exposure --(MaryAnn)

Olive Branch --(Teapotprincess) On Stage --(Highjack)

Pandora's Box --(KymmieAnn) Paradigm --(Tsbccowboy) Paul's Glory --(Chocolateis2b8) Pineapple Upside Down Cake --(Walnutgrove) plantaginea --(Hagey)

Queen Josephine --(Jel48) Quilting Bee --(Poppi)

Rainforest Sunrise --(Fenceberry) Rascal --(Esox48) Regal Splendor --(Caliloo) Remember Me --(KymmieAnn) Revolution --(Caliloo) Rising Sun --(Esox48) Royal Standard --(Lykaon78)

Sagae --(Hosta Freak) Sally and Bob --(Scootersbear) September Sun --(Chevy57red) Shade Fanfare --(Chocolateis2b8) sieboldiana Elegans --(Patann) Spilt Milk --(Wsuch) Stained Glass --(Dbowemd) Stephanie Clifton --(Chevy57red) Strip Tease --(Rfgpitt) Sum and Substance --(Fenceberry) Summer Breeze --(Shade_tolerant) Sun Power --(GottaHosta)

Thunderbolt --(HostaRed) Torchlight --(Papou) Touch of Class --(Sweet39)

Undulata Albomarginata --(GottaHosta) Unforgettable --(Tsbccowboy)

ventricosa --(Chocolateis2b8)...

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