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Rockwool Dutch slab drip system Mold on Rockwool

Other Best Gowing Medium?

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Dutch slab drip system Posted by halfstep1320 04/02/05 @ 14:22

Hello all, Newbie here. I would like some info on this if anybody has experiance using this method. I am planing on growing tomatoes, squash, and bell peppers. Whats better Rockwool slab or the Coco slab? I understand the concept, but do you need to cut holes on the undersides of the slab for draining like a "run to waste" system going to a waste reservoir, or just have a very low drip frequency so the nutrient builds up in the rockwool slab? Thanks

Response: Posted by: passiflorakae 04/4/05 @ 19:36: hi there, I preferred rockwool when I grew tomatoes and bananas. I had heard that coco slab was not as well-draining and that as it broke down little bits potentially could cause my tubing and emitters to clog- but I didn't use it so all I can do is pass on that rumor. It would probably be fine for an ebb-flow system.

With rockwool you set up your trays @ a 2 percent angle so that the trays drain toward your reservoir. You would cut a slit in the wrap on that end so the water runs out. If you let the water build up you'd drawn your plants via serious root rot. I'm sure if you went to a hydro supplier someone there would be happy to instruct you, there are also instructions on the web. Good luck!

Mold on Rockwool jtmerchant 1/ 23/ 05 @ 21:37: I have a flood and drain system and in a butter bucket is a bunch of LECA (clay aggregate) as a medium, with rockwool starter cubes containing tomato plants. On the rockwool are white dots, which I think might be mold. How can I tell if this is mold, and how do I get rid of it without upsetting my nutrient solution?

Response: Tony_K_Orlando 1/ 23/ 05 @ 21:49: If it isnt mold,it may be salt deposits, or water hardness or fertilizer residue.

It does build up on my systems too

joejoemomma 2/3/05 @ 21:36: If it is mold your humidity is to high. Try a humidity tester.

L.E.C.A. High Ph?

Posted by jtmerchant 01/ 5/05 @ 22:18: I am fairly new to hydroponics and for my first garden/hydroponics project ever I made a flood and drain system. Each pot is a cleaned butter container, with holes drilled @ the bottom and inside each butter container is a bunch of L.E.C.A (clay aggregate). After starting my tomato seeds in a different system (where the seeds were in rockwool cubes), I moved the cubes to the butter containers. Before this I checked the Ph. It was pretty high so I used my Ph down a lot. After about 50 drops of Ph down, I decided that I might as well try transplanting. So I moved half of the tomato sprouts to the butter containers. Now I realized that my water was a little murky from the LECA and so I checked the Ph. It was over 7.4. I put like 100 drops of Ph down, but I could only get it to like 7.1. It went back to 7.3 half an...

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