Net pots

baci(z10Ca)January 1, 2013

wdelaney: Net pots function to support the plant.

Willard3: The depth the net pot is submerged in nutrient depends on the system. When placing pots in a bubbler system in which roots are submerged, they should sit ΒΌ of their depth in water. In an aeroponics system, net pots never sit in water; water is sprayed on pots with an emitter. Suggestions for net pots are:

  • Mycarbumps: Small fish nets.

Tailwheel: Buy a package of small plastic cups and burn holes in them using a soldering iron.

Mhayek: Devise a collar: after cutting holes with a hole saw in a plastic tub, pieces of packing foam are cut into round pieces to fill the holes. They are cut with a slit from one side into the middle. Then take a cutting of a plant, slip into the slit, and put it into the hole with about 1 inch below the water.

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