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baci(z10Ca)January 1, 2013

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Chlorinated water Issue on chlorinated water

Chlorine in tap water Reverse osmosis Is RO worth it?

Hydroponic systems - are RO systems necessary?

Issue on chlorinated water edurink 3/ 21/ 06 @ 8:05 : How bad is it in hydroponics? I have a feeling that the lack of success in hydroponics, in many instances, is due to treated water, i.e. chlorinated water. Am I right?

Response: willard3 3/ 21/ 06 @ 10:03: Draw your hydro water @ least 48 hrs before you use it and let it sit in an open container with a bubbler.

My chlorine from a municipal system goes almost to zero from this treatment edurink 3/ 21/ 06 @ 16:52: willard3 - Thanks! For sometime, I've had some problems like slow growth, sick looking plants, uneven growth, etc. even if the ideal (textbook) conditions for plant growth have been met. Someone suggested that I use a reverse osmosis filter system because the water quality may have an effect on the plants. In another forum, mention was made, in passing, about chlorine. That could be it, I thought. I vaguely had the impression that the chlorine in chlorinated water disperses after a while when exposed to the air. You reinforced my thinking, thanks. Reverse osmosis is good but out of the question cause it's too expensive.

Along the same line, does deep well water have a similar effect, the issue of hard and soft water? Or deep well and surface water? willard3 3/ 22/ 06 @ 11:06:

snip Along the same line, does deep well water have a similar effect, the issue of hard and soft water? Or deep well and surface water? snip

Surface and well water mineral content depends strongly on local geologic conditions.....i.e., what kind of rock stores the water in a well or what kind of soil does the surface water come in contact with? edurink on Sat, 3/25/ 06 @ 18:36:

willard3 - I also have observed that when starting seedlings, distilled water produces much healthier and bigger seedlings than whose watered using tap water from the municipal mains. Again, the culprit seems to be the chlorine. In the absence of distilled water, ordinary tap water that has been aerated, as you have suggested, I am sure will produce better seedlings. hank_mili 4/ 1/ 06 @ 19:21: To expand this discussion further do you think germination rates would increase if seeds were continuously exposed to aerated water (think NFT for seeds) than standing water during the seed soak? Also, do seeds germinate better in total darkness? jdog006 4/ 1/ 06 @ 23:52: I have a water softener that removes chlorine from the water throughout my house. It was a good investment. We do have reverse osmosis for drinking water but it would be difficult to get enough RO water for my hydro setup from it.

Water softeners make sense when you think about all the benefits (less soap, less wear on clothes, no deposits that build up in the shower, no buildup of minerals in your pipes or water heater, etc. etc).

I assume the majority...

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