Butterfly Feeder

MrsPackRat(z5 IN)January 1, 2013

Materials Needed:
Decorative Saucer (found at local thrift shop etc.)
Copper Tubing (1/2" about 2-3 long)
Copper End Cap (to fit 1/2" or whatever size your tubing is)
Strong Silicone Glue (GE II outdoor use, clear)
Piece of rebar or other strong pipe to pound into the ground

Assembly Steps:
Glue the copper end cap onto the bottom of your saucer and let dry throughly.
Pound your piece of rebar or pipe into the ground.
Slip your copper tubing over the piece of rebar.
Attach the copper tubing into the copper end cap of your saucer.
Put assorted fruits on the saucer to attract butterflys.

*If giving as a gift:
It is a nice touch to include the Butterfly Feeder Poem to best describe your creation.

Butterfly Feeder Poem (By:MrsPackRat-GW)

Oh butterfly do stop and rest
I made this perch for you to test.
I've put out some fruit for you to eat
in hopes that you and I might meet.
I love to watch your graceful glide
and see your colors in the sky.
So have yourself a little retreat
while I admire you as you eat.

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