Wire & Copper Art - Technique / Basic Wire Samples

klynnnn(z8 SC USA)January 1, 2013

Image by: CMWren


Key for photograph on basic wire technique:

1a. Starting an eye pin

1b. Bending the eye; close loop to complete

2. Turned beads, varying # of turns for different widths

3. Crimp bead: a one-complete-turn bead made on RNpliers, place it under the last decorative bead, then use regular needle nose pliers to squish the crimp bead onto the wire; keeps bead(s) from sliding

4. Turning a bead on round-nosed pliers

5. Scroll shapes

6. Wire cutters, heavier duty than the little ones (easier to use)

7. Squiggle shape, even width

8. "lace" shape

9. graduated squiggle; can be, as here, capped with a bead (use glue)

10. flat round spiral... Be creative: square, diamond, triangle, etc. Use for hangers or picks (shape up) or as dangles (shape down).

See Wire Spirals FAQ for samples.

Thanks to CMWren for providing this information

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