From Cement Block to Garden Caddy

klynnnn(z8 SC USA)January 1, 2013

Image by: mikitoo
Garden Caddy
From Cement Block to Garden Caddy

Member Mikitoo shows us how to take an old cement block and turn it into a gorgeous lidded garden caddy:

I've had this old concrete brick (painted red) that has propped open a garage door for 20 years. I'm always misplacing my secateurs (pruners), so decided to honour the old brick for its years of service and make a home for my garden tool at the same time. Had a lot of fun making a lid for the brick and painting the whole thing to match the terrace bricks. The lid is made of bonded topping mix using various molds. Tennis ball, margarine dish etc.

I use a self bonding topping mix that comes in a 11 lb. plastic bucket. It is distributed under Canadian brand. This one calls itself "Fast setting concrete for resurfacing and thin surface repair" It is very fine and sets fast. I think any topping mix would be the same. It should be available at larger lumber yards. I get the self bonding, in case I want to stick one part to another after I have done.

Regarding tennis ball. I did it last year, but remember cutting ball in half and the innerwall is lovely rubbery stuff. I used the inside and probably did first half and let it set, then removed it and filled the second half and plunked the dried half on top. Then, sanded any seam.

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