Planted Chairs - #1 A Variety of Options

klynnnn(z8 SC USA)January 1, 2013

Image by: Garden Junk Forum Members
A Variety of Chairs

Planted Chairs - A Variety of Options

There are so many options for planting chairs, below the Garden Junk forum members talk about their chairs, where they found them and what they planted them with:

Posted by chaos_quilt: I just got the flowers in the chair for this year...some Yellow Symphony osteospurmum in the back, purple heliotrope for the bees, red purslane in one corner, pink verbena in the middle front, and blue total mind blank, forgot the names of such a common flower, am worried about my memory in all four corners. As with last year, I'm expecting to water this dang thing a LOT, but will enjoy watching it take off in bloom. The chair was fifty cents at a yard sale, with a ten cent basket set inside and held with wire to the frame... (This is the wooden chair in front of the white brick wall in the picture)

Posted by littleredhen: Dh and I were riding around one day when we stumbled upon a yard sale. I am not in love with my particular style of chair, but the price was too good to pass up ($3). It did have a seat when purchased, but it rotted overtime, so I decided to take advantage of the planting hole. I stapled in chicken wire, but wouldn't do it again. It was hard to bend down in there and get stapled around. We used it for the fact that we had some left over from our coop. Small metal screen that can be folded would have been way easier to work with. Even easier still, I probably could have simply stuck a pot in there - no stapling or anything strenuous! The sedum usually comes back. It's the type that you can literally fling anywhere and it grows. Then every year I get the joy of planting some type of annual. For some reason I always flock to the spike and the Coleus. (lrh's owns the white chair in the picture with the frame resting against the leg)

Posted by pplantlady: I found my chair at a Junque store for $5 and took off the seat and painted it butter yellow. I used two pieces of chicken wire woven together to form the basket and stapled it to the rim of the seat. I lined the basket with newspaper....then soil and planted Colieus, Sweet potato vines (2) Green and Black, and a Dusty Miller. I moistened the Spagnum moss in a bucket of water and pushed bits through the holes in the chicken wire. It's held up nicely except for the birds pulling the moss out now and then and is sitting out in the yard near my fairy garden. (plantlady's chair has the fairy sitting to the right of the chair)

Posted by cand: This is one of my first chairs that was gotten during bulk pickup days in our town. (Green chair with bucket planter and bacopa)

Posted by simjen: I made my chair it last summer out of an old wooden chair thats been in the basement for years, painted it pink and planted it with sedums and hens and chicks. Its been sitting outside all winter and everything is growing so...

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