Recycling Plastic - Sun Face (1 of 2)

klynnnn(z8 SC USA)January 1, 2013

Image by: hyperdoggie
Start to Finish Recycling Plastic - Sun Face out of Milk Jugs (1 of 2)

Member hyperdoggie again shows us how to recycle plastic into garden art using plastic milk jugs and hot glue.

The steps are detailed with step-by-step pictures in the 2nd FAQ. But first, here are some hints, tips and suggestions in addition to the Part 2 of this FAQ below:

Made with milk jugs and hot glue.... this sun face has done really well on our little porch, I added a couple extras coats of clearcoat, and the (New Mexico) heat hasn't seemed to affect it at all. This sun face actually ws inspired by a metal one from a catalog. I've also included a picture of my original drawing, in case someone wants to try, but maybe doesn't feel comfortable enough with their drawing skills. You can print it and blow it up to whatever size you want. This face is about 14 inches.

All the paints I use are for airbrushing, but I think the Krylon paints for plastic or even some of the craft paints are plastic compatible. If you have a hobby shop near you, check out the paints for the models, there are some really good water-based ones out with a really nice color range. They also come in spray cans, too.

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