Finding the Junk & Treasures we use in our Gardens

klynnnn(z8 SC USA)January 1, 2013

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The junk we find

Posted by Mush (Ontario) -- One of our neighbors was putting an old push lawnmower out to the curb, hoping that someone would take it. I did them that favour. I planted pansies in a bright blue cookie tin and now both have a new home!

Posted by Seamommy (Texas) -- Last week my mom and I went put on trash day and in less than an hour, we found (in peoples trash) a bike (had two flat tires and the chain was off), a wooden ladder (perfect), an iron bed (not old, but perfect), and a pine porch glider (he said the seat is warped, we got a new one!) and he even helped us load it in the truck!!!

Posted by Tannatonk (Montana) -- The junkin we get to do here usually consists of farmers junk piles, but I did find some old iron thingies (I think they might be some kind of old tool bar shovels) and made a nice windchime with them. For the top I used the lid off an old rusted out cream can and turned it upside down (it reminds me of an old hat - I may put some sunflowers on it). Then I drilled holes in that to hang copper tubing pieces that are between 12" & 18" long. For the middle clanger I used an old piece of fancy iron that my friend gave me. I think it was off an old stove. It's really ornate. The whole thing is so heavy but looks really cool. And, I think I'll use the bottom of the cream can as a pedastal for a penny bowling ball that my friend is making for me. It's about 2 feet tall.

Posted by lorraine (New Jersey) -- Went to one rummage sale and broke the cardinal rule of rummaging - never put down something you're unsure of until you're ready to leave cause someone else will surely pick it up - and they did. It was only a book with some bird prints in it that I thought I could decoupage on a tray - what was I thinking! Then we headed out to a town-wide garage sale, but like I said it was cold and drizzly and I didn't feel much like getting in and out of the car in that, but we turned around in a church parking lot and they had a sale inside. Found a huge metal colander - 16" across - told the ladies I was going to make a lampshade out of it - it kept me dry walking back to the car at least! In a nutshell: Do Not Wait Any Longer - Grab the stuff when you see it. Chances are great that it won't be there if you procrastinate and wait to go back to get it. What's the worst that could happen--you end up throwing it out yourself if you decide you don't want it after all.

Posted by klynnnn (South Carolina) -- I always grab first and sort later and when I'm at a rummage sale or something similar, I always watch for someone else who is "sorting" their items before checking out to see what they're leaving behind, and I alwaystake that 2nd and 3rd trip around just to make sure I didn't miss that "perfect something"...

Posted by Monarae (Iowa) -- I went to town tonight. Its 2 days until clean up day for our town....

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