You Know You are a Compost Whacko When.......

chrismd(7)January 1, 2013

This thread came from the Soil, Compost and Mulch forum. Don't laugh too much - if you are a serious gardener these symptoms will soon be appearing in you. Enjoy.

You Know You are a Compost Whacko When.......

Posted by ryanzone7 professor dirt (My Page) on Sun, Sep 15, 02 at 20:51 stand at the edge of a field that belongs to some complete stranger (150 miles from your own home) staring at the cow pies just layin there, wondering how to go about getting a couple of 'them thar piez' for your compost pile back home.(it's kinda like a pet animal. cept it's compost!) work on setting up new pallet bins at 11:30 at night. give a look of horror to a non-composter when they tell you they don't compost this or that.

As they look at you with horror when you tell them that you DO compost this or that.


* Posted by: jake_h z5 KS (My Page) on Sun, Sep 15, 02 at 21:44 water the grass to get some greens-not to make it look good. drive 30 miles to rake some leaves to get browns. let stuff get old in the fridge just so that you can compost.

...when poop is your best friend

* Posted by: Trudi_d 7, Long Island (My Page) on Sun, Sep 15, 02 at 22:03

I LOVE bush pruning day! All the prunings goes onto the lawn and whacked up with the's an instant mix of greens and browns.

Ferocious storms are cool too as all the leaves blow off the trees and limbs with branches come crashing down. Branches can be mowed into smaller pieces and limbs can get used as log-edging for beds. If you get enough you can make a new bed with everything. Frame it in with the limbs, chop up the branches with the lawnmower when you cut the grass, then dump the bag straight onto the soil in the newly created bed for mulch, wait a couple of weeks for it to heat up and cool down, and then plant through the mulch with shrubs or perennials.

* Posted by: CarrieB z6b/7a Phila. (My Page) on Sun, Sep 15, 02 at 22:31 spend countless hours in the nearby empty lot chopping up weeds - seedheads and all - in order to achieve critical mass to fill a recently emptied bin. schlep contractor bags full of weeds and clippings from the community garden (bypassing community piles) to add to home bins. find packages of putresceables tossed over the fence, like alms to the poor, and know it could have come from any number of sources.

...every so often you wonder how whacked your friends, family and colleagues really think you are. And occasionally, you wonder too.

* Posted by: eaglesc_technowhacko z7/8 SC (My Page) on Sun, Sep 15, 02 at 23:26 check this forum the last thing before you go to bed and then the first thing in the morning. plant winter rye in the fall so you can mow your lawn all winter for the greens for the fall leaves.

* Posted by: Erka Z8, Vancouver (My Page) on Sun, Sep 15, 02 at 23:31

...when the trunk of your car contains: tarp, gardening gloves, waterproof...

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