Childhood Memories

chrismd(7)January 1, 2013

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Childhood Memories, Please!

Posted by KarenfromHingham 6a MA (My Page) on Sun, Sep 23, 01 at 22:11

Why are you a gardener? Did it start in your youth? Was there anyone in particular who interested you in gardening or inspired you to pursue it? Do you remember any event/s in particular? At school? At home?

Please share your childhood gardening stories. I'd like to explore what leads to a lifetime interest in gardening.


- Karen

* Posted by: Karen_Schaffer 9-San Jose (My Page) on Mon, Sep 24, 01 at 1:34

I have a vivid memory of my grandfather giving me fresh peas, right out of the shell. I couldn't believe it was the same vegetable as the nasty, mushy, olive-green peas we were served from a can. It was a long time before I grew my own, but I held on to that memory.

One summer when I was 6, and far too late in the summer really, I planted a watermelon seed from watermelon we were eating outside. Astonishingly, it germinated, grew, and even set a little baby watermelon. I was thrilled. Then I came home from school one day to find that my 5-year-old sister and the neighbor boy had broken open the watermelon, thinking they could eat it. Heartbreaking, I tell you, heartbreaking! Of course, the poor thing hadn't a prayer of ripening anyhow, since it must have been September already if I was in school. But I didn't know all that at that time.

Probably my biggest influence was reading "The Secret Garden." Trite, but true. I remembering getting my parents to let me buy and plant mignonette seeds one year, specifically because of reading about them in that book -- and then I didn't like them after all! (My first experience of rave descriptions not matching my own opinion.) I recently re-read it and was startled to realize how many of my deeply held feelings about gardening came from that book.

* Posted by: Bill_G PNW OR (My Page) on Mon, Sep 24, 01 at 1:36

I became a gardener in 64 when I was only 10 years old. We had just moved to Grand Forks North Dakota from Okinawa. My father was an officer in the Air Force and we changed bases from time to time. Having just spent 6 years overseas I had never really seen the US. My brothers and I were not familiar with TV or radio since The Armed Forces Broadcasting Network was not known for it's kid oriented programming and we did not understand Japanese or Okinawan well enough to enjoy their programs. So we spent much of our time playing outside.

Our first house on Okinawa was off base in a quanset, one of those half cylinder buildings made from galvanized corrugated sheet metal with cement block walls enclosing the ends. Romantic to say the least and not easy homes to hang pictures in. But it came with a dog named Me-too, a gardener named Papa-san, and his daughter, our maid, named Yoshiko. Eisenhour was President. Korea still loomed over the horizon. Dad was away on TDY with missions over the peninsula. Mom, with no household...

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