What to Visit in the Mid- Atlantic? Try These!

chrismd(7)January 1, 2013

What to Visit in the Mid-Atlantic Posted by ChrisMD 7 (My Page) on Sun, Sep 15, 02 at 23:50

Hi - if you were going to visit the Mid-Atlantic - what would you think is worth the trip?


* would turn off to see it if I was already passing by

** would be worth planning a detour

*** would be worth a special trip

**** would be worth an overnight stay

***** You must see this or you can't call yourself a gardener!

We're looking for gardens, arboretums, zoos, natural wonders, historic sites, museums, the bizarre, or anything else of interest to a gardener. Can't include commercial sites such as nurseries or garden centers (sorry). Please tell us why you've selected your nominations, include the location and address if you can.

I'll nominate our first 5-star:

***** Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania!

Remember - the Mid-Atlantic covers West Virginia, Virginia, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York. I'm really looking forward to learning about your special places.

Spike asks that we not post links on the FAQ pages, but you can usually find the official websites if you "Google" with the name and location.

Chris - the FAQ editor


Posted by: Cynthia z7 MD (My Page) on Mon, Sep 16, 02 at 0:30

* Baltimore Conservancy & Baltimore Zoo

* Cylburn Arboretum in Baltimore Both of these are worth visits for anyone in the area.

Let's face it, everything pales in comparison to Longwood, which I agree is worth a 'special trip.'

Posted by: Marymd7 MD7 (My Page) on Mon, Sep 16, 02 at 9:27

Sotterly Plantation, St. Mary's County, Maryland

Posted by: DawnStorm 7/MD (My Page) on Mon, Sep 16, 02 at 11:50

Brookside Gardens: A gem of a place in Mont. County; no matter how many times I go there, there's always something I missed seeing the last time.

Posted by: Cecilia_MD7a 7a/Baltimore,MD (My Page) on Tue, Sep 17, 02 at 12:37

Another vote for Brookside Gardens - best of all, it's free!

Posted by: gardening_at_night 7A ) on Sat, Sep 21, 02 at 8:57

Brookside Gardens in Silver Spring is nice. National Arboretum in DC is okay, I like their Fern Valley.

Posted by: sprig z7 Md (My Page) on Mon, Oct 14, 02 at 17:26

Brookside Gardens

Posted by: Julia z7 MD (My Page) on Mon, Sep 30, 02 at 22:15

****Ladew Topiary Gardens in Monkton MD: A WOW for topiary fans and for those who aren't avid about individual specimen plants. So interesting to see a garden that reflects a single personality! Nice house tour and mostly accessible to the handicapped. Its been a hit for me with touring friends and relatives. In the summer, you can visit, picnic, and stay on for a chamber music concert.

Posted by: scausey z6/7 MD (My Page) on Tue, Oct 15, 02 at 22:56

Lilypons in Buckeystown, Maryland: An interesting place to visit northwest of Washington, D.C. is Lilypons water gardens. They sell plants, fish and garden accoutrements, but they have a beautiful setting near...

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