Least Favorite Gardening Trends...What NOT to do in Your Garden

chrismd(7)January 1, 2013

Here's advice on what NOT to do in your garden..opinions from all and sundry...

Least favorite gardening trend...What's yours?? My least favorite garden trend....Evergreens!!!!!!

Posted by daylilydreamer 6/7Mid-Atlantic (My Page) on Wed, Aug 13, 03 at 19:05

What's your most annoying, least favorite and/or overdone gardening trend? I like to be positive about gardening but mine is evergreens. I'm drowning in, and sick to death of evergreens. Aside from the possibly negative natural effects of constantly replaces deciduous trees with evergreens, (i.e. the entire world becomes the Pine Barrens)....... I'm sick of it from a gardening stand point as well. My new neighbors, (god bless their poor little souls), replaced everything that was previously in their yard, (lilacs some deciduous trees etc.) with evergreens last year. You know, those "Edward Scissor-hands" evergreens that come stunted and contorted in a variety of shapes and sizes. Twisted, awkward-looking things standing against a bare horizon of grass. Who said this was a nice idea? I love evergreens for year-round color.....As accent plants in winter or as the foundation to a garden. But only evergreens? Why not mix them up with deciduous trees, shrubs and perennials? Where did this ugly trend come from, and when will it end??!!!

P.S. I'm the one who has to look at my neighbors' ugly garden everyday out my window, not them, lucky me!!! :-)

* Posted by: Blueheron z6 PA (My Page) on Wed, Aug 13, 03 at 19:23

I live in a part of town that has a lot of enormous, old evergreen trees around the houses. A lot of them are planted on the north side of the houses and really make the places dark. They're old trees and I'm wondering what the people were thinking when they planted them years ago.

My house doesn't have evergreens, just walnut trees (which attract the @@%%$$$ squirrels) but I often think when driving around the neighborhood that I would definitely cut down some of those old, ugly evergreens if I were the homeowner.

* Posted by: Melissa_InTheWoods z7a MD (My Page) on Wed, Aug 13, 03 at 20:18

Butterfly Bushes (Buddlias). They are becoming so invasive, and they "junk food" for butterflies.

Give me my Joe Pye Weed anyday!

* Posted by: KurtG MD (My Page) on Thu, Aug 14, 03 at 8:41

I have several- daylilies, sedum, purple plants, and garden circles plopped in the middle of yards with what always seems like pansies and dwarf alberta spruce. Ugh!

* Posted by: Frizzle z6 PA (My Page) on Thu, Aug 14, 03 at 14:55

How about garden circles plopped down in the middle of the front yard with colored stones in it instead of plants - like aquarium colored stones/gravel blues, greens, and tans? Or worse - that same circle with 6 teeny tiny plants spaced about 3 feet apart that look like they are dying for a drink of water

* Posted by: Dicentra SE PA z6B (My Page) on Thu, Aug 14, 03 at 19:33

~Cannot stand to see garden circles in the middle of weedy grass, with cheapo fencing...

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