How do I include a photo in my post?

claireplymouth z6b coastal MAJanuary 1, 2013

It's frustrating to many newcomers to see all the posts with photos included in the text and have no idea how it's done. With this FAQ I'm attempting to explain the process so posting photos will not only be possible, but will be easy. The first one is the hardest; after you've got the method in hand, posting photos will be routine.

The FAQ is excerpted from a series of threads where various forum members contributed valuable information and commentary. The threads got heavy with discussion, all of it useful but maybe hard to wade through if you just want to get a photo included in your post and don't really want to know the nitty-gritty. I'll give the SHORT and the LONG of it so you can take what you want and ignore the rest.



1. Get the photo onto your computer desktop, by digital camera or scanning or whatever.

2. Upload the photo to a web-hosting site; either by opening an account (Picasa, Photobucket, etc.) or by using a site that doesn't require an account (such as TinyPic or imgur). Pick a reasonable size for posting like 640 X 480 pixels.

3. From the list of codes on the website, pick the HTML code and copy it. DO NOT copy the IMG code. It won't work on GW.

4. Paste the HTML code into your message.

5. Preview should show the photo included in your post.



1. OVERVIEW To post a photo you need a digital camera that you can connect to a computer or a smart phone with internet access. Using a digital camera you transfer the photo to the computer, then you upload that photo to the internet using your browser. You can either upload to a photo hosting website and then post a link to that site on Garden Web, or you can upload directly on some forums. If you have an iPhone you can email a photo directly to the internet, without using a computer.

PDF files on your computer can also be uploaded to the web. In a pinch, you can always photograph a set of drawings and then upload those photos.

Once you have the photo somewhere on the internet, you have two choices for Garden Web. You can post a link to the website URL in the Optional Link URL box at the bottom of your message (don't forget to name it in the Name of the Link box), or you can post a link in the text of your message that links directly to your image on that website. The website URL is on the top of the page; the image HTML code is somewhere on that page.


2. WEB HOSTING SITES, ETC. These are the most commonly used methods to get a photo on the...

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