I Bought an Orchid, now what?

rhonda_in_fl(z9 SE Florida)January 1, 2013

Congratulations and welcome to the world of orchids! Contrary to popular belief, orchids are easy to grow! Following a few steps your plant will reward you with wonderful blooms year after year.

Proper care will ensure the blooms you are enjoying now will last as long as possible. Take your plant to the kitchen sink and run tepid water through the pot for several seconds, until you can see water flowing freely through the drain holes at the bottom. If the orchid is in an arrangement, you should take its pot out of the arrangement to water. Check your plant every few days by sticking your finger into the potting mix. If it is dry, water it in the same fashion. If it is still moist, wait a few days and check for moisture again.

If the orchid is part of an arrangement that you enjoy indoors, you may also mist blooms with tepid water once a day to keep them a bit fresher.

Once the plant has finished blooming, you should determine what care it requires during its growing season. If your plant came with an identification tag in the pot, use that to determine what type of orchid it is. Many orchids are easily adapted to different environments and knowing what kind of orchid it is will enable you to provide it with conditions it will thrive in. There are many books and online resources available to assist you with specific plant information.

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