Fragrant orchids

michigoose(Z5OH)January 1, 2013


MrBreeze compiled this from several notes he kept on some posts. RisingPower1 graciously cleaned it up and put it into proper formating. Should you have any additions, please let me know. Thanks. Michigoose.

Acampe papillosa Very Strong - Hyacinth praemorsa Strong rigida Faint

Acanthephippium bicolor Strong - Sweet/Candy colmani Strong - Anise javanicum Strong sylhetense Very Strong

Acineta caudatus Moderate - Decay

Ada keiliana Moderate

Aerangis citrata Lemon scent distincta A powerful spicy scent, night, so strong that it may sear the nasal passages if one gets up close with the flower fastuosa Moderate - Day - Medicinal modesta Very Strong - Minty spice mystacidii Moderate - Lilly of the Valley mystacidii Moderate - Unpleasant platyphyllia Ylang-Ylang Perfume pumilio Faint punctata Faint stylosa Evening - Spice verdickii Strong - Sweet

Aerides fieldingii Strong flabellata Strong houlletianum Very Strong illustre Strong lawrencieae Strong - Lemon/Spice lindleyanum Moderate - Sweet mitrata Moderate - Sweet odorata Strong, very fresh citrus flower smell quinquevulnerum Strong - Cinnamon roebelinii Strong

Amesiella philippinense Said not to be but A. monticola is

Angraecum birrimense Strong - Orange Blossom eburneum Is very fragrant after the lights go out eichlerianum With a citrus scent at night florulentum Strong leonis Strong - Night longicalcar Strong - Spice magdalenae Smells strongly of gardenia, more strongly at night scottianum Has a nice evening fragrance, fresh, with some spice. sesquipedale The fresh-floral scent develops over 3-4 nights sesquipedale Strong superbum Moderate - Night vetchii Moderate - Day - Spice

Anguloa clowesii Strong - Medicinal ruckeri Strong uniflora Strong - Oil of wintergreen

Ansellia africana Strong in Strong Light

Arachnis breviscapa Moderate - Macaroons/Almonds calcarata Moderate - Anise flos-aeris Strong - Musk

Ascocentrum curvifolium Faint

Ascofinetia Emily fragrant

Asconada John De Biase 'Fuch's Indigo' FCC/AOS x V tessellata 'Mary Motes' FCC/AOS fragrant

Aspasia epidendroides Is very fragrant with a small number of blooms, described as strong, spicy

Baptistonia echinata Moderate - Watermelon

Barkeria naevosa Moderate - Day - Musk

Barlia metlesiciana Moderate - Day - Iris robertiana Moderate - Day - Iris

Batemania colleyi Moderate - Day - Unpleasant

Bifrenaria atropurpurea Moderate - Sweet harrisoniae Strong - Day - Floral - Exotic letragoia Strong tetagona Strong - Musty

Brassavola cordata Strong - Evening cucullata Strong - Evening Intense - laundry detergent with lemon-crisp and sharply clean flagellens Moderate - Night little stars Citrusy also as really sweet root beer late at night nodosa Cineole medicinal, also sweet odour, or Gardenia, scent changes over time Moderate -...

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