How do I propagate passionflower?

gardensharaJanuary 1, 2013

You can propagate by seeds, cuttings, or layering. Cuttings about six inches in length can be taken from mature plants, then rooted in sand. Passionflower can grow from seed but very slowly. The seeds can take up to a year to germinate. Plant seeds in the spring in light soil. They may germinate late in the summer, or may sit dormant until the following spring.

To propagate by cuttings, root them in perlite in 8-oz. Styrofoam cups, with holes punched in the bottom. After dipping them in a rooting hormone place them in a warm north-facing window for 2-3 weeks, until they root. Then gradually moves them to a sunny spot, until they are well established.

To layer, remove the leaves from a small section of stem in late summer. Place a portion in the soil, leaving a leafy end exposed, and water well. The buried stem should root within a few weeks. Keep the layer in the ground through the dormant months, so it may develop a full root system. Then cut from the mother plant and replant.

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