How Do I Add Pictures to My Posted Messages?

taba(z5b MO)January 1, 2013

Adding pictures to posted messages may be easier than you thought. Some forums allow you to add a picture directly from your computer. Those direct upload forums are listed under GardenWeb Galleries, and display a camera icon by their name in the main forums list. All other forums require you to store the image elsewhere on the web, then link to that image using html codes in your posted message.

The Short Version

Adding a picture on any forum

  1. Upload your image (60K or less in size) to somewhere on the web for storage.
  2. Type codes into your forum message to add the image.
  • To create a link to the image: <a href="insert image address here">insert image description here</a>.
  • To display the image inside the posted message: <img src=” file location and name”> .
  1. Submit the message.

Adding a picture on forums allowing direct upload from your computer

  1. Type your forum message and select Preview.
  1. Select Browse button to locate and add the image file on your computer.
  1. Submit the message and image file.

&nbspTIP &nbsp To simplify entering codes and other repetitive phrases, consider using a macro program. I use ShortKeys Lite because it’s free, tiny, easy to use, and works in any program. I’ve set up macros for commonly used coding like image and page links. I copy a URL, then type in my shortcut “xim” and ShortKeys Lite inserts <img src=””>, or “xu” inserts <a href =””></a>. I then paste the URL in between the “”and add a descriptive phrase between the ><. Fast, easy, and no typos! Many macro programs offer similar abilities.

The Detailed Version

Adding Pictures to Messages on Forums Without Galleries (Like Hot Peppers Forum)

Step 1: Prepare your image for uploading

Make sure your image is in either JPG or GIF format (with .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif file extension), and is no larger than 60K. If your file is larger than 60K you will need to reduce the file in your photo editing software. The software’s help files will give specific instructions. You can also add any image copyright or text desired using image editing software. Save the file to a new name before reducing it so you retain the original version.

Step 2: Upload the image from your computer to somewhere on the web

Option 1: Use the free space provided by your ISP.

Most ISPs provide free space for their subscribers. Check their support website for instructions on setting up and using your personal web site space. This is a great option because you normally have plenty of storage space and the images will always be available for viewing.

Option 2: Use image hosting websites such as FotoTime, WebShots, PictureTrail, or Yahoo Photos.

There are many image hosting sites on the web. Follow the uploading instructions provided for the particular image hosting website. Some services do not allow displaying images stored on their site on other pages (like GardenWeb posts), some charge an annual fee, and most limit the amount of images stored, so be...

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