How Do You Dry Peppers?

dwallsJanuary 1, 2013

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Drying peppers for later use Posted by Cathy123 z5 IL (My Page) on Mon, Aug 5, 02 at 11:17

I am growing Serrano and Cayenne peppers this year for the first time. I am mainly growing them to feed to my parrot--he LOVES peppers, especially the seeds. Are there any quick and dirty instructions for how to dry peppers? Is there a certain way whole dried peppers should be stored? I'd like to save some of the harvest this way so I can give my bird some home-grown peppers during the winter.

Thanks for your help!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow-Up Postings: RE: Drying peppers for later use Posted by: Taba z5b MO (My Page) on Mon, Aug 5, 02 at 16:51

Lucky bird! I've only dried Habaneros and Jalapenos, but I imagine it would be the same process. I use a dehydrator.

I haven't tried drying whole because I grind them afterwards for spice mixes. I cut off tops, slice in half, remove seeds and placenta, then place in a single layer on the dehydrator screens.

It takes a couple of days to dry completely and it fills the house with pungent odor, so consider doing it in a well-ventilated area. Also make sure that they are completely dry - any moisture left will encourage mold during storage. I put the dried halves in a big freezer ziploc, and take them out when I need to grind more.

There may be a better way - this is just how I have been doing it.


RE: Drying peppers for later use Posted by: John__ShowMe__USA 5 (My Page) on Mon, Aug 5, 02 at 17:36

Cathy123, Would your parrot eat frozen peppers? Just a thought. A lot easier than drying. I often throw throw peppers in a ziploc freezer bag for use in soups and stews later. (I also dry a lot)



RE: Drying peppers for later use Posted by: Cathy123 z5 IL (My Page) on Mon, Aug 5, 02 at 17:49

He might eat frozen peppers, I've never tried giving them to him. His favorite parts of the peppers are the seeds and the stem--I'd like to find a method drying/freezing/preserving the peppers that keeps those intact. My father-in-law has a dehydrator, maybe he'd let me use it while visiting. Although he HATES hot stuff and would probably abhor the aroma of drying peppers. Hmm...


RE: Drying peppers for later use Posted by: Scribz z5 OH (My Page) on Mon, Aug 5, 02 at 18:11

Abhor, maybe not, but if you dry any quantity of hot peppers indoors, be prepared to fill your home with eye-burning, chest grabbing, cough and sneeze provoking fumes. Been there, done that. Recommend doing your drying out on the picnic table, patio or deck, especially if you dry habs. I have a yellow head Amazon, 17 yrs. old, hand-raised as a chick. Thinks he's...

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