How do I get my hands to stop burning ??? (Archived thread)

taba(z5b MO)January 1, 2013

Posted by Eden7 SE USA on Sat, Jul 20, 02 at 14:31

I was making salsa and cut up a little one :) and now my hands are on FIRE!!! Is there anyway to stop the burning ??? Yeah I time wear gloves LOL!!

Posted by: RetroDame z9 FL on Sat, Jul 20, 02 at 14:59

Milk helped the time that I got pepper oil in my eye. (ouch! Never, NEVER rub your eyes while you are making chili!)
Maybe soaking in milk would help your hands? Either that, or a quick dip in some rubbing alcohol or vodka.

Let me know if it works.


Posted by: Byron 4a/5b NH on Sat, Jul 20, 02 at 15:26

Automotive waterless handcleaner, vegetable oil, tomato juice.
Wear gloves.

Posted by: Taba z5b MO on Sat, Jul 20, 02 at 18:54

Ouch. Rubbing alcohol is supposed to cut the oil, then follow that with a lotion or ointment. Bag Balm is a great skin balm if you have it.

In general, use alcohol products to kill the burn externally, and milk products internally. The milk might help externally, too.

Posted by: NorthEast_ChileMan 6a MA on Sun, Jul 21, 02 at 8:47

I remember reading someplace that rubbing WD-40 on your hands works.

Posted by: pikkle 6 on Sun, Jul 21, 02 at 11:13

Wear gloves

Posted by: Structure0 Ames, Iowa on Sun, Jul 21, 02 at 17:51

The best solution is to use gloves, but a bleach and water solution is the only one I know of that will neutralize capsicum.
Not recommended for eyes don't rub them whatever you do...

Posted by: dwalls 7 AR on Mon, Jul 22, 02 at 12:09

Yes, Chlorine Bleach - full strength will cut the capsaicin.
It's hard to rinse off the bleach, but it will work.

Posted by: Taba z5b MO on Mon, Jul 22, 02 at 14:09

A friend of mine is a cancer specialist (since 1970s and constantly speaks at medical conferences) and he saw me using chlorine without gloves once and was horrified. He believes chlorine (bleach) and many other household chemicals are general health hazards even on the skin so recommends gloves for everything.

Not sure if it's true but I no longer use chlorine, gasoline, or other harsh chemicals without gloves. So if you try to keep things as healthy as possible,

you might try the rubbing alcohol before the bleach.

Posted by: Cajun2 z 7b/8a - FW TX on Mon, Jul 22, 02 at 15:47

Benedryl. It can be (and might be) an allergic reaction. I did this once with mild pablano chiles, making green chili and thought I'd DIE before I got relief.

I finally ended up calling Poison Control (after calling Mom, the hospital ER, and 911).
It worked!

(and I'd tried almost all of the above (except the bleach), along with ice,

anti-bacterial soap, and a few other things)

Benedryl also makes a topical ointment. I keep both on hand.

Posted by: Eden7 SE USA on Mon, Jul 22, 02 at 17:44

Thanks all. I am printing all these remedys out in case there is a next time LOL
Peppers usually don't bother me but that habenero really burns and it lasts a long time....

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