How can I keep deer out of my garden?

gwtamaraJanuary 1, 2013

A compilation of suggestions from our readers:

I've had pretty good luck using bird netting. It's been especially good if I stretch it over a pvc pipe framework (which I spray painted green to be less obvious). I use it over some raised bed planters. I've watched the deer react to it from inside my house.

They apparently don't see as well as they hear and smell. They poke their nose into the netting and it startles them and they shy away. Anything protruding through the netting, of course gets trimmed off. It's fairly inexpensive but sort of a nuisance when you want to work in the bed, since you have to roll it back out of the way. It also keeps out the wild turkeys. But the gophers still come in from below. I lost an entire bed of asparagus to gophers after keeping the deer out all season with the netting.

I've battled deer forever and these are my tried and true working solutions to the problem....My favorite is grating Ivory soap or Irish Spring all around the items you need to protect. It's good to do this before the deer establish their trails in the very early spring. I also buy small drawstring bags made of a loosely woven material (from a local garden supply store) and fill them with Milorganite (its a fertilizer with an odor that repels deer). I hang these on the bushes and shrubs the deer love to munch!

The scent of humans is repulsive to wild animals, or scary as natural enemies, and marking your territory with your scent is a natural deterent. It may be a bit unorthodox to have your husband use the garden as a toilet,

but you can accomplish the same thing by soaking rags in a bucket, and then ringing your garden with the rags (using plastic gloves of course) and bury them at the outside rim of your garden with some mulch.

Here's something that works great, is cheap and environmentaly safe - Mix one slightly beaten egg with 1 quart of water and spray onto anything that the deer eat. You have to re-apply this about every 4-5 days or after a rain but it really works! We've tried many things - and we have a dog but the eggs work the best.

Here's what worked for me: coyote urine. They have all different types of urine drops at Agway (and probably similar stores-find out what the local carnivore is and give it a try. I also sprinkled my stuff with a ton of black and red pepper, garlic and curry powder-nothing went near my tomatoes! Spray with a little water first so it sticks to the leaves and such. You do have to redo it though-every time it rains.

I've been trying everything. Here's just a few: 1) Human hair clippings from your local beauty shop sprinkled around the plants. 2) blood meal. 3) Moth ball flakes sprinkled all around. These seem to work but eventually I let any of the treatments lapse and the deer feast.

. One year we had a deer problem and after the first feasting in...

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