How do you plant a rose?

gwtamaraJanuary 1, 2013

Roses are not fussy as to soil type but the roots cannot stand being waterlogged so reasonably free drainage is necessary. Soak the rose bush in a bucket of water. Dig the hole 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep. Replace half the soil with some sort of compost . Even a bag of steer manure and peat moss will do. Then add 2 cups of bonemeal, mix it up with the soil and fill the hole with water. When it has drained away then plant the grafted rose with the bud union at the surface. If you have very cold winters then 3 inches below the soil surface. Bare root roses can be planted with the 3 inches of canes below the surface in case of cold damage. Then hill up the soil around the base of the rose bush to prevent any drying out if the weather gets cold or very hot. This can be removed in a few weeks time as the roots will then be established. Keep well watered the first spring.

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