Misting Propagation - How to...? Where can I find...? How much...?

AngieAnders(TX 8a)January 1, 2013

I've added this whole thread to the FAQ, because there is just so much useful information here aboutmist propagation.

My misting bed for you newbee rooters Posted by mytrid z8b Florida (My Page) on Sun, Apr 20, 03 at 0:12

This is my misting bed. I started it last year after loosing tuns of cuttings in baggies!! Angie is the one that origanally dicovered it. This method is so sucessful and easy. I would say 90 percent.

We bought a misting set that was designed to cool like an umbrella on a outside table. I bought pvc and made a frame and hammer ends in ground a few feet, taped misters on to the pvc. We bought cheapy plastic containers at walmart and drilled hols in the bottom and use construction sand bought from lowes. I use exspensive rooting hormone from rose emporium, but I here dip and grow is good also. Just stick your cuttings in the sand. I turn my mist bed on around 9-10 am. and off when I see the sun starting to go down. I have it in almost full sun for most of the day. Now if I gotta leave early and woln't be back to turn em on I just turn em on before I leave.

They take about 2 weeks too root in the hot weather. When they have about 3 good roots I pot them in potting soil and put them in almost full sun and keep em watered. If home I may mist them once or twice a day.

You can get mister and tubing at lowes and walmart you just gotta look hard sometimes. Just look for fine mist nozzeles. I got mine on Ebay but the are getting clogged to easy so I will buy better ones when these poop out for good.

This is the best method by far in my opinion if you really wanna root a bunch of cuttings.

feel free to ask away on questions I will try to help if I can.


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Posted by: Cristi 7 West Texas (My Page) on Sun, Apr 20, 03 at 3:05

Thank you so much for sharing!! This is my first year at roses and I'm already addicted!! Questions:

  1. You don't put anything in the sand? It's just play sand. Would contruction sand work?
  2. How deep is the sand?
  3. Do you reuse the sand or toss it each time?
  4. How long are most of your cuttings? Are you just putting 1 node under the sand?
  5. How do you know you have 3 good roots? Are you pulling them up and looking at them? I didn't mean to make you write a book, but thank you for your help!!

------------------------------------------------------------ Posted by: judi_va z8 va (My Page) on Sun, Apr 20, 03 at 7:29

would a vaporizer on a timer work in a mini greenhouse?thanks!


Posted by: RoseLover_5b z5b KCMO (My Page) on Sun, Apr 20, 03 at 11:28

Great information! Question on the misting system: does it use lots of water over the course of a full day of being on? My water bill is already too high in the summer, just wondering if it would go up much more with this. I love the vaporizer idea!...

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