Really teensy-weensy seeds! What do I do? (a chaff question)

trudi_dJanuary 1, 2013

Image by: wintersown
Vernonia Gigantea Seed Heads I've tried very hard to seperate the chaff from my seeds but it's impossible as the seeds are practically the size of dust. What do I do?

Stop frustrating yourself!

A good example of dust-sized seeds are butterfly bush seeds (buddleia family).

I trade my butterfly bush seeds with the chaff included. If you're a seed trader then mention in your initial offerings that the seeds are mixed with the chaff and that the grower should surface sow the entire packet contents and pat it all into the soil. That's exactly how I start mine from seed....easy to do and it works just fine.

If you mention up front in your trades what you're trading then no one can be "prissy" about the trade later on. You're not a mechanical machine...that's what commerical growers have to use to seperate out dust size seeds. Saving seeds is supposed to be a calming and peaceful hobby, allowing yourself to get frustrated isn't good for your mental health....don't stress yourself out over it. It's so much easier to mention that the seeds are too small to be seperated then deal with the stress thinking that someone will dissaprove of your trade. THEY can't seperate out dust-sized seeds either.

Really teensy-weensy seeds are a major hassle to seperate from chaff, and honestly, they don't need to be. Mother Nature succesfully sows her seeds with chaff, and we can too.

Smile and give yourself a great big hug for your efforts!


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