Black-Eyed-Susan ~ Rudbeckia

trudi_dJanuary 1, 2013

Image by: wintersown
Mature Cones
I'd like to thank "Lisa H" for sharing her tip for the FAQ. Her seed saving tip will help make gathering black-eyed-susan seeds very easy.

Black-Eyed-Susans are favorite wildflowers that look great in all gardens. Their bright yellow ray flowers and dark central cone are recognized by everyone who sees them.

Allow the petals to drop from the flower after they have faded. The central cone will swell as it matures turning a deep dark brown The stem beneath a mature cone will change color from green to light brown signaling seed maturity. The cone is the seed head which contains many seeds that are dark brownish-black and shaped like small splinters. Remove the cone from the browned stem and allow it to dry for a few days on a plate away from direct sunlight in preparation for seed removal.

Lisa says:

"The easiest way to get the seed from rudbeckias is to use a large metal strainer or colander. Toss the seed heads in it, over a bowl, and hit the strainer against the palm of your hand. The seeds will come tumbling out."

Thanks for sharing the great tip Lisa!

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