Modifing the 10x12 HFGH

orchiddude(+7b ALabama)January 1, 2013

Since their seems to be a never ending demand for information on how to modify the 10x12 HFGH I have decided to put up a post with everything all in one location. This GH as it is shipped needs several changes to it if it is to survive in a storm.

You will need a minimum of tools but a cordless drill is a real time saver get one if you don't have one.

The main problem is the way the wall stud is attached to the base and the fact that the base is so flimsy. The wall stud attaches with a J hook it hooks under a lip on the base. The base is bent with a lip then bent down again were the J hook goes this is a poor design when the wind pushes on the wall the lip will flex.

This is easy to fix I used three ways to dramatically improve the strength of the base.

Since the base is made from thin metal I would not consider putting it into the ground like the instructions say. Make sure you put it on a foundation of heavy timbers this will keep it dry and give you something strong to anchor to

I used treated 4x4 timbers for the foundation some use heavier timbers but it is not really necessary a 10x12 is not big enough to need anything bigger.

Assemble the metal base measure from corner to corner to make sure it is square then take measurements for length and width so you know what size to make the foundation because the dimensions in the instructions are WRONG !!

I used long lag bolts to assemble the foundation and then used two 8ft. treated 2x4 and cut them in half. I put a 4ft. piece diagonally across each corner this will keep in square.

Make sure the timbers are square before putting these on. After they are attached turn the timbers over and bolt the metal framing to it making sure it is square before bolting down.

I put a piece of polly tarp between the metal base and the treated timbers to protect the metal from a chemical reaction between the timbers and the metal base..

DO NOT use cad plated bolts in the treated timbers it will eat them up..I used ¼"x21/2" stainless steel lag bolts with one in each side of a corner and every two feet on all sides be sure to use quarter inch flat washers.

After I got my GH sitting where I wanted I drove metal fence posts into the ground in all four inside corners. I torched the posts in half and that will give you about 30 inches per stake

Some people put the roof on the framing one piece at a time. This means you will need to work from a tall latter to install the clips that hold the roof panels on. You would have to work through the openings in the rafters.

I assembled mine and then used 2x2 pieces of wood bolted at the roof ends and two C clamps at the center this way we lifted the roof up on the frame and bolted it on all in one piece..

This requires four people to do. If you have the help it works pretty good but if you must do it alone then you will need to assemble it one piece at a time up on the framing.

The reason I assembled my roof on the ground was it made it easy to install...

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