Tomato in a Bucket

trudi_dJanuary 1, 2013

Grow your own yummy fun! Grow your own tomato plants in five gallon buckets. They can be moved around easily and are a great project for home or at the office. These will work very well if you garden on a patio, balcony, or a deck!

Needs: 5 gallon bucket, nail, hammer, soil, wooden stake, water, plant food, tomato seedling, sunshine.

Using the hammer and nail bang about a dozen holes into the bottom of the bucket--this is to allow excess moisture to drain from the soil.

Fill the bucket with soil to about four inches from the top. Add a handful of granular plant food and scratch it into the top of the soil.

Insert the stake down into the center of the soil, making sure that its end is more than halfway down into the soil.

Transplant the seedling into the center of the soil, close to the stake.

Water the seedling thoroughly, making sure that the soil is saturated...the excess water will drain away through the holes in the bottom of the bucket.

Place the bucket in a sunny location that gets more than six hours of sun a day.

Water the soil often so that it doesn't dry warm weather it may require as much as a gallon of water a day.

As the seedling grows tie it to the stake with string to help support the plant.

Harvest the tomatoes when they are ripe.

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