What are some good beginner plants for a carnivorous plant [cp] terra

paul_(z5 MI)January 1, 2013

Probably the easiest are those that do not require any kind of a dormancy [or rest] period. Ones which instead like warm moist conditions all year round.

Drosera [sundews]: some good candidates: D. capensis, & D. spathulata

lowland Nepenthes: such as N. gracilis, N. ventricosa, N.ampullaria ***be forewarned that pretty much all the neps will at some point outgrow a small terr [15 gal or less] - and most rather quickly [w/in a year or two].

Pinguiculas [butterworts]: ex. P. primaflora

Sarracenia [terrestrial pitcher plants] ***same problem as w/ neps


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