What can you tell me about variety X? Is it determinate or indetermin

gwtamaraJanuary 1, 2013

ACE 55 Large, 10-12 ounce solid, deep red meaty fruits with mild taste. Low acidity. Good foliage cover, determinate vines. 85 days.

ALICANTE An old gourmet favorite. Will not wilt when baked or broiled. Heavy crops with excellent flavor.

Indeterminate vines. 82 days.

AMANA ORANGE ( HEIRLOOM ) This old heirloom features large ( 5 inches in diameter ) beefsteak style fruits that are a distinctive orange in color. Mild flavor. Indeterminate vines. 90 days.

ANNA RUSSIAN ( HEIRLOOM ) Pinkish red, heart shaped fruits from Russian stock. Large, early fruits have outstanding flavor and average one pound in size. Ox-heart type foliage on indeterminate vines. 68 days.

AVALANCHE A great hybrid variety with large, globe shaped fruits on indeterminate vines. Very disease resistant. Indeterminate. 72 days.

AZOYCHKA RUSSIAN The first tomato variety imported directly from Russia. Large, beefsteak type fruits weighing about 10 ounces. Beautiful deep yellow color with a distinctive flavor unlike any American variety.

Indeterminate. 85 days.

AZTEC A great salad tomato bearing loads of delicious 4 ounce firm fruits on firm, compact vines. Very Disease resistant. Determinate. 68 days.

BANANA LEGS Very prolific novelty tomato with yellow, pointed banana shaped fruits that are 4' long by 11/2' wide. Good, meaty delicious plants that are a must for salads. Determinate. 75 days.

BAXTER'S EARLY BUSH RED Extra early cherry type on compact, bush type plants. Prolific bearer of orange red delicious salad fruits that will keep up to 28 days when refrigerated. Determinate. 70 days.

BEEF KING HYBRID A giant beefsteak with excellent interior color and superior flavor. Large, firm fruits average 10-12 ounces. Crack, disease resistant. Indeterminate.

BEEFMASTER HYBRID A hybrid strain of beefsteak type tomato on Indeterminate vines. Solid, meaty and flavorful bright red fruits weighing up to 2 pounds or more. Indeterminate. 75 days.

BEEFSTEAK Very large bright scarlet fruits that are very meaty. A favorite whose seeds are must requested.

Indeterminate. 80 days

BETTER BOY A spectacular mid season tomato with plump, juicy, deep red fruits often weighing more than a pound. Thrives almost anywhere and has excellent disease resistance. Indeterminate. 82 days

BETTERBOY HYBRID Improved version of the Better Boy with slightly larger fruits, more resistance to sun scalding and better disease resistance. Indeterminate. 75 days.

BIG BEEF HYBRID Smooth, globe shaped fruits weigh 9-16 ounces. Exceptional yields of delicious fruits in almost any climate or soil. Indeterminate. 73 days.

BIG GIRL HYBRID Heavy producer of one pound fruits that are bright red, firm and flavorful. Bears full season. Indeterminate. 78 days.

BIG PICK HYBRID Large, round...

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