How do you grow jack-in-the-pulpit?

gwtamaraJanuary 1, 2013

Posted by Pat: I'm having difficulty germinating jack-in-the-pulpit seeds. I filed the seed coat before I soaked them, but they haven't come up.

Char: Jack-in-the-pulpit is easy enough to propagate. The female plant produces a cluster of green berries, which turn to red in autumn. You can plant the berries, or just scatter them in a rich soil (in partial shade) with lots of leaf litter for new plants next year.

Bruce: The seeds should have been damp and never allowed to dry out, and have been refrigerated for at least three months prior to planting inside. If these conditions were not met, then the seeds have gone into a deep dormancy and it may be several years before they germinate. If they received the proper treatment, they could take up to month to germinate (mine took about three weeks, but they all came up).

nancy brown: I gathered the red seed head and left it on a cold porch for the winter. In the spring, I scattered the seeds around a fairly damp and shady area, so I assume quite a bit of moisture is required for germination.

Louise z5 MI: I've planted them immediately in the fall with excellent success. They haven't flowered yet though; in two years. Maybe this year.

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