What will bloom in woodlands in the summer?

gwtamaraJanuary 1, 2013

Posted by Mari - 7: I have very dark shaded woods and would like to know of some wildflowers that will bloom in the summer. I have plenty of spring flowers and bulbs in the woods but in the summer they are bare.

Gwenne Hayes-Stewart - z6: Dense shade does not afford a lot of blooming. Those spring flowers bloom during times before the leaves of the trees have developed. Might you consider ferns and woodland ground covers like wild gingers.

Susan King Z7a: If you have a moist spot, Lobelia cardinalis or L. syphilitica.

Bill Plummer - 5: Mitchella repens, partridge berry blooms in summer- white stars in a green sky. Snakeroot,Cimicifuga,

is a late summer bloomer as tall as M. repens is small. Toad lily, Tricyrtis, Corydalis lutea and C. ochreleuca will bloom throughout the summer.

mark golden [AL/zone7b]: here are a few I've found to do well starting in late spring/early summer, some even thru midsummer: Chrysogonum virginianum - yellow flowers, nice green foliage. Tiarella codifolia - a few cultivars are available also. Stylophorum diphyllum - big yellow flowers,

interesting foliage.

Bob in zone 6: Most of the Actaeas (Baneberries) will bloom even in dense shade. A nice display of scarlet or white berries will follow.

Bruce Morrison - 4: You might think of giving White Woodland Milkweed a try (Asclepias exaltata). The Prairie Nursery catalog describes it in their woodland wildflower section as a July bloomer and calls it a well behaved plant. (Prairie Nursery, Westfield, WI (608)296-3679) I would suggest not overlooking Wild Columbine but in zone 7 perhaps they wouldn't still be at it by mid summer (they are here in NW Iowa). You might think about those plants which have color later on from their fruit. Jack-in-the-pulpits, Solomon Seal, False Solomon Seal, are examples.

Barb Mich z5: There are a few goldenrods that prefer shade.

Solidago puberula and S. caesia are 2 that would give late summer, early fall color. Aster puniceous is more blue than purple and does well in about 2 hours of sun. There are several small white asters that are comfortable in the open woods.

A. Tussing - 5: Other woodland plants blooming in summer include Shortia sp, Oconee Bells, Galax sp, Chelone sp,

Turtleheads, Astilbes, Marshallia sp. would be excellent to try, but they like a little bit of sun. These are the Barbara's Buttons. Ligularia and Aruncus sp. also like lots of shade and moisture, and bloom in summer.

Hatsy Taylor: How about the pipsissewas, Chimaphilia maculata and C. umbellata? The first is also known as spotted wintergreen, with a variegated stripe down the center of each leaf. They both bloom in July and are evergreen. Here in Northwest Connecticut they are common in the most woodlands.

Traute the BioGardener: You can get all colors of columbine.

My favorite shade loving flower is the ground-crawling blue-flowered original periwinkle.

searl: What? No Lily-of-the-Valley? I love this sweet smeller!

Lynda: who could...

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