What should I plant in heavy shade?

gwtamaraJanuary 1, 2013

Posted by Jean Ramseur - 4: I have an area where there are Basswood trees. Only certain plants will grow in this area,

hostas, maidenhair ferns, Dodecatheon, uvalaria and aquilegia. I cannot get dicentras and pulmonarias to grow well.

Ronald Conboy Fl/9b: With certain trees, because of dense top roots, or chemicals released, some plants won't be able to grow. The soil around Oak trees is acidic, and non-acid loving plants won't do well there.

Barb Mich z5: Basswoods have huge leaves, very dense shade.

Bleeding heart (Dicentra)likes open shade. They may do fine if there is an opening so they get more reflected light.

Another option is to 'raise the crown' of the basswood, that is, cut off the lower limbs so more light can penetrate.

Louise z5 MI: I hate mowing around trees so I killed the grass and planted five kinds of ferns, hosta, pachysandra,

lamium,lily-of-the-valley, trillium, foamflower, sweet woodruff, crocus, jack-in-the-pulpit, false solomons seal,

pulmonaria. The only things doing real well are the wildflowers, hosta and sweet woodruff.

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