Winter Sowing is Addicting?

trudi_dJanuary 1, 2013

This is a very light hearted FAQ!

Many of the Winter Sowers have made comments about their "compulsion" or "addiction" to the method, lol! (If you're new to computers LOL means "laugh out loud".)

I'll paste in some of their quotes, but I'll leave them anonymous. Enjoy!


"Don't forget, Trudi, to add in small print or as a footnote (they'll find out quickly enough) the warning: it is addictive!"

"It's a fact we really are all addicted."

"Obsessed? Who's obsessed? Just because I have about 90 containers sitting outside just waiting to germinate, does that mean I'm obsessed? Hey, I could have worse addictions!"

"Here are a few questions ....

Are you getting jittery when you see empty soda or juice bottles? Are you starting to "eye-up" the neighbor's recycles?

Are you running silly errands to the local home store and finding yourself hanging around the seed aisle? Are the seed displays at the supermarket becoming tempting? Are you in pursuit of a seed that you know you'll never find in NJ just for the thrill of it?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, I think you're hooked - and you're right, you could be addicted to something worse (or more expensive :-)

You're not alone .... I'm finding it hard to resist (bad case of spring fever.)"

"I know you are going to love it here. It gets addicting."

"....once your babies start to take off this spring you may find a serious addiction has been created! At the very least, it is a calming hobby so enjoy."

"I'm the original WS addict, and I've gotten you all hooked too, there no end? Maybe a few years down the road we'll have Winter Sowers Anonymous (they'll not even let us buy potting soil...oh, how awful and sad a thought...sob.)"

"I can't stop......I won't stop."

"This forum is like talking to a bunch of enablers while you're trying to beat an addiction."

" this is not "like an addiction"......this is the real thing!! I really have a very difficult time stopping myself from buying more seeds......I don't have a clue where they're all going!! I just can't resist them!! On the other hand, if this is my worst addiction.....I can deal with it!! "

"Some of my neighbors actually think I've lost it or something. It wasn't all that bad back in Feb. when I had just a few foil pans and a couple of Pepsi bottles on my side deck, but since I ventured into creative containering to deal with my WS addiction, I was forced to expand the space utilized on my deck and yeah, my neighbors noticed since I now have containers everywhere on my wrap around deck."

"That leap of faith is addictive."

"Guess I shouldn't sneak onto the site while at work.. hehehe..but I'm sooo addicted I just can't stand not to look each day."

"It's madness, I tell you, I just can't stop."

"How I rationalize this addiction....if I bought a plant of each, it would have cost me more than $16. I would...

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