o White flowers and plants for a Moonlight Garden in AZ

List of plants for Moonlight gardens

Thanks to GCorman for compiling this list and other members of our forum for their contributions.

If you can't make a nice garden out of this lot, you ain't trying very hard!

Night bloomers

Cereus spp. Datura wrightii "Sacred datura", "Jimson weed" Echinopsis spp. Hesperaloe nocturna Moraea iridoides Fortnight lily Oenothera caespitosa "Tufted evening primrose" Peniocereus greggii "Queen of the night"

White/pale blue flowered perennials

Asclepias linaria "Pineleaf milkweed" Bauhinia lunarioides (congesta) "Anacacho orchid tree" Convolvulus cneorum "Bush morning glory" Cordia boissieri "Texas olive" Cordia parvifolia "Little leaf cordia" Gaura lindheimeri "Gaura" Jasminum sambac "Arabian jasmine" Lantana montevidensis (white) Lonicera japonica v. halliana "Japanese honeysuckle" Moraea iridoides Fortnight lily Plumbago auriculata Plumbago scandens "Plumbago" Ruellia brittoniana w/white flowers Trachelospermum jasminioides "Star jasmine" Zephyranthes candida Zinnia acerosa "Desert zinnia"

Gray foliage plants

Acacia aneura "Mulga" Acacia cultriformis Artemisia ludoviciana "Western mugwort" Asclepias subulata "Desert milkweed" Atriplex canescens "Fourwing saltbush" Atriplex hymenelytra "Desert holly" Atriplex lentiformis "Quail brush" Atriplex nummularia "Old man saltbush" Bahia absinthifolia "Bahia" Baileya multiradiata "Desert marigold" Brahea armata "Blue hesper palm" Buddleia marrubifolia "Wooly butterfly bush" Cassia artemisioides "Desert cassia" Convolvulus cneorum "Bush morning glory" Cupressus arizonica "Arizona cypress" "Sabino" Dalea greggii "Trailing indigo bush" Dalea pulchra "Bush dalea" Eremophila cv. Valentine "Emu bush" Euphorbia rigida "Gopher weed" Gazania rigens v. leucolaena "Trailing gazania" Hyptis emoryi "Desert lavender" Lavandula species "Lavender" Leucophyllum pruinosum "Fragrant rain sage" Olea europea cv. Swan Hill "Swan Hill olive" Pedilanthus macrocarpus "Slipper plant" Perovskia atriplicifolia "Russian sage" Psorothamnus spinosus "Smoke bush" Salvia clevelandii "Cleveland sage" Santolina chamaecyparissus "Lavender cotton" Simmondsia chinensis "Jojoba" Sophora secundiflora "Texas mountain laurel" (Silver Peso) Teucrium fruticans "Bush germander" Yucca rigida "Blue yucca"

White barked trees

Acacia willardiana "Palo blanco" Eucalyptus erythronema "Red-flowered mallee" Eucalyptus papuana (aparrerinja) "Ghost gum"

Accent plants for lighting and shadow effects

Cereus peruvianus (and v. Monstrosus) Cleistocactus spp. Dasylirion wheeleri "Desert spoon" Nolina microcarpa "Beargrass" Oreocereus spp. "Old man of the Andes" Pedilanthus macrocarpus "Slipper plant" Yucca elata "Soaptree yucca" Yucca rigida "Blue yucca"

White/pale blue flowered annuals

Antirrhinum varieties "Snapdragon" Cyclamen varieties "Cyclamen" Lobularia varieties "Sweet alyssum" Matthiola varieties "Stock" Papaver nudicaule "Iceland poppy" Petunia varieties "Petunia" Viola varieties "Viola, Violet, Pansy"

I've thought of some more - I might add Agave spp. and Palo brea to your accent plants. Does the Abutilon palmerii have gray enough foliage to make the list? I guess it's still pretty green... ? How about Asclepias subulata for accent or gray? And Artemisia x Powis castle -

Ok, I know how everyone feels about oleander but I inherited a hedge of petite whites and right now they are beautiful day and night.

One to add to your list. Maireana sedifolia or Pearl Bluebush. It's native to Australia and has the most interesting silver/blue foliage. The leaves are about 1/2 inch long and almost succulent-looking and are covered with very short hairs, making it look soft.

I had two of these plants at my last house where they received full sun till about 4pm. The plant has a sprawling growth habit to about 4 feet wide and three feet tall. The oldest plant, which was three years in the ground, flowered the spring before I moved. It had tiny inconspicuous tan flowers. Now that I'm in another home, I've planted one on a western exposure about four feet from a block wall.

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