o Unwanted cacti- new homes and saving cacti in the path of development

If you have any landscape cacti that no longer 'work' in your landscape, for whatever reason, don't kill them. Contact the Tucson Cactus & Succulent Society and/or the Central Arizona Cactus & Succulent Society- depending on where you live. Their respective websites are (sorry, can't put the www at the beginning) tucsoncactus.org/ and centralarizonacactus.org/index.htm Call or email them with your problem and they may be able to provide some help.

If you would like to volunteer- help is always appreciated. When a new development is planned, they try to persuade the developers to allow volunteers to go in ahead of the bulldozers and rescue some of the plants that would be destroyed. Permit tags are purchased from the state and the rescued plants are sold for little more than the cost of the tag. Sometimes there isn't much notice or time before the bulldozers arrive so volunteers are always appreciated. The volunteers of course get first choice of the rescued plants. More importantly, if you have any contacts in development or landscape or know of some acres about to go under the blade, let your C&S society know! Or volunteer to save some of these natives. In Phoenix email

Thanks to AZTransplant and Hawaiisam for this great info!

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